Ultra Pave Garage Floor Paint

4L tin

Ultra Pave Garage Floor Paint is a tough, durable oil based paint that delivers exceptional adhesion to concrete.

Formulated to resist hot tyre pick up, Ultra Pave Garage Floor paint is the ideal solution for garage floors.


  • Resists hot tyre pick up
  • DuraTough Technology
  • Semi gloss finish
  • Easy application - no primer required
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete
  • High coverage
  • Resists scuffing and marking
  • Suitable for bare and previously painted concrete surfaces

Suitable Surfaces

Ultra Pave Garage Floor Paint is suitable for bare and previously painted concrete surfaces.

Safety & First Aid

  • This product is flammable. Keep away from heat and eliminate any source of ignition.
  • If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately. Do not induce vomiting.
  • If in eyes, flush with cold water. Seek medical advice immediately.
  • If on skin wash with soap and water or recognised skin cleanser. Do not use solvents or thinners.
  • May be harmful if inhaled. Avoid inhalation of vapour. Remove to fresh air if affected.
  • Ensure adequate ventilation during use and while drying.

For 24 hour medical emergency response in Australia call 1800 883 254 and in New Zealand call 0800 000 096


  • Do not pour unwanted paint down the drain.
  • Keep unwanted paint in sealed containers for disposal via chemical waste collections.
  • Empty paint containers should be left open in a well ventilated area to dry out. When dry, recycle steel containers via steel recycling programs.
  • Disposal of empty paint containers via domestic recycling programs may differ between local authorities. Check with your council first.


To obtain best results the surface must be prepared correctly before application:

  • Allow new concrete to cure for 12 weeks before painting.
  • Repair or replace unsound concrete.
  • Remove any previously applied sealant or curing compound by mechanical sanding or grinding.
  • Remove any loose concrete by scraping, grinding, high pressure water blasting, wire brushing or sanding.
  • Clean the surface with a strong detergent and hose off with clean water. 

BARE GARAGE FLOOR (new or old)

  • Etch surface with Ultra Pave Concrete Etcher following label directions.
  • After etching, scrub surface thoroughly with a stiff bristle broom and pressure hose with clean water to remove all loose material and residue.
  • Check surface has slightly roughened. If it doesn't feel like 180# sandpaper repeat the etching process.
  • Test for loose residue with adhesive tape. If loose material is picked up on the tape, repeat the cleaning process.
  • Allow concrete to dry completely in fine weather for at least 24 hours after the surface appears dry.
  • The surface must be clean and free from dust, dirt, grease, oil, moss, loose material and other contaminants. 


  • Check for lifting of old paint. If it is not sound, remove all old paint.
  • Scrape off all loose and flaking paint by wire brushing or sanding.
  • Sand glossy or smooth surfaces thoroughly.
  • Rinse surface thoroughly with a strong water jet (eg garden or pressure hose).
  • Allow concrete to dry completely in fine weather for at least 24 hours after the surface appears dry.
  • The surface must be clean and free from dust, dirt, grease, oil, moss, loose material and other contaminants.
  • Test paint on a small inconspicuous area to ensure compatibility with the old coating. After 24 hours of drying, check for lifting of old paint or poor adhesion. If problems are observed total removal of the old paint is required.


  1. Stir thoroughly with a broad, flat stirrer in a circular lifting motion for at least 5 minutes before use and continue to stir at regular intervals during application.
  2. Apply 2 coats by brush or roller. Thin the first coat on bare concrete with 10% turps to aid penetration and adhesion. For added slip resistance add Ultra Pave Topcoat Grip Additive to the second coat following label directions.



Approximately 14m² per litre, depending on the porosity of the surface.


Touch dry in 1 hour. Re-coat after 16 hours. Light traffic after 4 days. Heavy traffic after 7 days. Drying will be slower in cold or humid conditions, in the absence of ventilation or where heavy film builds are applied.

Clean Up

Clean brushes and equipment with mineral turps immediately after use.

Care & Maintenance

Wash as often as required with water and mild detergent. Do not use harsh abrasive brushes or high pressure water hoses. Long exposure to pooling water or chemicals will damage the paint and they should be removed or cleaned up quickly.