Ultra Pave Concrete Etcher


White Knight Concrete Etcher is a non toxic, environmentally friendly preparation product which roughens the surface of smooth concrete and improves the ability of paint to bond to it.


  • Easily roughens smooth concrete surfaces
  • Helps paint adhere to smooth concrete
  • Low odour
  • Leaves no residue to damage concrete over time
  • Granulated form additive
  • Easy to use - just dissolve in water 

Suitable Surfaces

White Knight Ultra Pave Concrete Etcher is suitable for use on any concrete surface with White Knight Ultra Pave Heavy Duty, Ultra Pave Quick Dry, Ultra Pave Garage Floor Paint, Renew It! Wood & Concrete Resurfacer.

Safety & First Aid

  • If in eyes, immediately flush with running water for at least 15 minutes.
  • If contact is made with skin wash thoroughly with soap and water or use recognised skin cleanser. Do not use solvents or thinners.
  • If swallowed seek medical advice immediately and show the container or label. Do not induce vomiting.

For 24 hour medical emergency response in Australia call 1800 883 254 and in New Zealand call 0800 000 096


  • Dissolve 1kg of White Knight Ultra Pave Concrete Etcher in 10 litres of clean water in a plastic bucket by pouring granules slowly into water while stirring.
  • Stir until all granules have dissolved.
  • Pour the solution into a plastic watering can.


  1. Use a plastic watering can to evenly pour the solution over the concrete and then scrub with a stiff bristle broom. Reaction of the White Knight Ultra Pave Concrete Etcher with concrete is shown by bubbling or foaming.
  2. Allow the White Knight Ultra Pave Concrete Etcher solution to react with the concrete for 2 minutes. If the Concrete Etcher solution does not foam a clear coating on the surface may be present. The clear coating must be removed mechanically before etching.
  3. Hose surface before it dries using a strong water jet with clean water to remove excess etcher, salts and other residues.
  4. Check the surface has slightly roughened. It should feel like 180# sandpaper. If not, repeat the etching process.


10 litres of solution will treat approximately 40m² of concrete, depending on the porosity of the surface.

Clean Up

Clean equipment with water immediately after use.