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  • Laminate bench

From the information you have provided, we recommend you start by thoroughly cleaning the surface with Tile & Laminate Cleaner.

Properly cleaning and preparing your surface will ensure that no dirt or contamination is trapped under your finish.

Tile & Laminate Cleaner is a water-based, high performance cleaning product specially formulated to remove all build-up from your surface. 


For your situation, we recommend you prime your surface with Tile & Laminate Primer.

Priming will ensure that your surface is protected from mould, mildew and fungus and will help adhesion of a topcoat.

Tile & Laminate Primer is an excellent base for topcoats. It applies easily and adheres well to smooth surfaces, is quick drying and water based.


Based on your information, we recommend you use Laminate Paint.

Laminate Paint rejuvenates old laminate and melamine and is tintable to the colour of your choice. 

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