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Vintage Caravan Reno with Michael & Carlene

Vintage Caravan Reno with Michael & Carlene

We're excited. The scent of summer is in the air and we're pretty lucky to have so much to explore at our very own doorstep. What better chariot for all that exploring in our far reaching backyard than a vintage caravan? And, who better to team up with to transform a vintage belle than, self-confessed, caravan geeks, the Block's alumni and most recently hosts of 'Ready, Set, Reno', Michael and Carlene!


These blockheads know what they're doing when it comes to vintage 'vans. Their last caravan reno project saw them turn a 1960's van - in need of some TLC - into the prettiest holiday home on wheels you ever did see. Think nautical retro glam which oozed coastal chic.


But wait! There's a new vintage belle rolling into town for the Michael and Carline treatment and Vonnie is her name!


Of the same vintage as Mille before her, Vonnie had good bones but was in need of a lot of work. With laminate cupboards and kitchen tops straight from the 60's & an exterior of the verge of rusting…this called for a complete renovation with the addition of some new furniture to bring the old gal back to life. 


Luckily, our speciality paints are on hand to help! So, with some help from Rust Guard for the exterior, Laminate Paint for the cupboards and kitchen, plus Squirts to upcycle old furniture, together with a good helping of elbow grease from Michael and Charlene, Vonnie has had a transformation that needs to be seen to be believed. We're excited to share it with you.


And, you can do it too! With the right White Knight products, some TLC and little hard work and you could be crushing the coastline in no time…


So, whether you fancy your very own life on the road (that you may not want to come home from!) or fancy creating an extra home for the in-laws (that they may not want to go home from!) stayed tuned for our detailed 'How to' videos and download the project sheets here: 



Download the project sheet

Caravan Family















Caravan Reveal 1

Caravan Reveal 2



Squirts 1

Squirts 2

Squirts 3

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Which Rustguard product did you use on the aluminum on the outside of the caravan? Oil or water based? And what is the correct preparation to make it adhere to the aluminum?


Where is the information on the paints used so I can re create?


Hi, My husband and l have just purchased a vintage Wayfarer caravan. It's a renovators delight, and needs lots of TLC (LOL) . I am thinking l need to paint the laminate walls, and cupboards and counter tops with laminate paint. I love the mint colour you have painted the bottom part of the walls and the cupboards. Just wondering if you could tell me the name of the colour? Cheers Janine

Janine Burzacott

Can you please tell me the name of the mint colour you used on the van, I would like to paint my kitchen cupboards in this colour. I live in Australia

Tess Szapiel